Thursday, 5 April 2012

Trial and Error

I'm back! I feel bad that I haven't done anything for a bit but had a crazy couple of weeks, moving house and job hunting, and we finally have the internet up and running, yay!

I decided we needed a night out with a bit of a boogie and a little too much booze, so got a couple of people over beforehand to eat and have a glass o' vino. There are a some things I have fancied cooking for a while (I keep a list on Evernote, oh how I love a list), and 2 of these were pulled pork with coleslaw, and lemon tart, yum yum.

So the pork and coleslaw recipe I found here

But I added a little honey to it as well, and used Dijon mustard instead of wholegrain (just because I didn't have any). I think the beauty of this is that there are loads of different marinades/rubs to try - I'd like to try something sweet and sour, with lime, black treacle and soy maybe, AND pork shoulder is cheap cheap so it's great for feeding a group of friends (I got a huge bit at Brixton Market for £5.99). The coleslaw was as per the recipe, very tasty, and I made a BBQ sauce with ketchup, soy, mustard, brown sugar, and a little lemon juice. All this was piled on a soft white bun, which is ideal for this - it's a little bit filthy :-) but it works. 

So it seemed to go down well, just the right amount of food for getting something on the belly without making you bloated. It is a classic combination, the juicy pork, some subtle spice, coleslaw crunch and sweet BBQ. I urge you to try it and you can afford to mess around with it which I like. The only thing I found was that the 4 hours suggested was a little long and some of it was a touch dry, but my fault really for not checking enough.

I blame the lemon tart for this though! I was following a Heston recipe which was quite involved, I think I created a bit too much work for myself. So, I took a risk...hmmm...not always the best idea with desserts I realise, but luckily it worked. I made the pastry as per the recipe, but I skipped the stage where you gently heat the filling over a pan of water to 60 degrees, I just didn't have time. So, after I blind baked the pastry, I just filled it and chucked it in the oven hoping for the best. I baked it for about half an hour to 40 mins, and it was scrummy (thank goodness), not perfect but not a bad first go!

I like experimenting in the kitchen and I often think I play it a bit safe, but really trial and error is the best way to learn. I will do the pork again, but next time I will make up my own marinade and trust my instincts. As for the tart, I was probably lucky! But I know what mistakes I made with timing so I can be more careful next time.  


  1. Hey Hayley, Do you have a link to the Lemon Tart recipe?

    1. Hey Rose! Yeah sorry, it's here
      it's yummy, you'll get it no probs I reckon x