Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ideas and Breakfast

So, after some deliberating it looks like I have a project! I juggled for a while the idea of a 'Julie & Julia' type of affair where I cook my way through a certain book but while this would satisfy my yearning for learning, it wouldn't necessarily allow me to be creative.

My inspiration came from a book I have called 'My Favourite Ingredients' by Skye Gyngell, which is a beautiful book filled with stunning photos by Jason Lowe. I am going to get together a list of ingredients and push myself to find new ways to use them. This could be by trying to come up with a recipe myself, or taking the framework of a classic and making it my own. I am also going to start making more effort with the photography (this is a general thing as well, I have been neglecting it recently!)

The next step then is the list. I shall have a think about this over the weekend and post again, after this I plan to do a recipe a week, maybe two. I have just started (another) new job so I have to see how my hours pan out.

But what is this about breakfast? This is simply the fact that I could eat breakfast any time of the day, (I'm all about brinner) and I made a pretty epic one for my boyfriend's 30th last weekend. I was particularly chuffed as I made croissants and so wanted to stick up a couple of pics - homemade, it turns out, is a winner :-) Yay.

PS. As I write this I am listening to Agnes Obel, she's lovely, check her out.