Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lazy Bones

I recently read this post http://foodloveswriting.com/2012/06/08/kale-and-eggs-or-why-you-should-start-a-food-blog/ and it got me thinking. What the hell have I been doing with myself? 

I haven't blogged for a while, I have been out of work and you would think that with all the free time I would have been cooking instead of feeling sorry for myself and watching Dr Who on iPlayer (I have been doing job applications as well, promise). But something has been holding me back - I have hardly been cooking, and definitely haven't been blogging.

There are a lot of food bloggers out there, and a lot of amazing amateur cooks and currently I am feeling less than confident and more than a little uninspired, especially as money is tight. AND I am trying to lose weight so the 'I fancy baking' whims are being ignored otherwise Ricky and I end up eating 3/4 of cheesecake by ourselves. Something is definitely off, the blog currently just feels too random, like it is missing the point - why did I start it and who is it for?

Well, it was meant to be a release as I said in my first post. Secretly however, I wanted it to be popular - I am incredibly impatient and want anything I try to be pretty much immediately successful, or I think I have failed. My neurotic side tells me I'm not good enough, that there are too many people better than me. My logical side knows these things take time and that I am still learning.

So when I read the above post, I felt better. It made me realise that writing this blog for me, as I set out to do, is how it should be and that I needn't feel intimidated. This is easier said than done, granted, but this post is me starting again, looking at it from a different angle. I can't afford cookery classes, or to drop everything and live in Paris learning how to make the perfect croissant, it just isn't realistic. But I do have great inspiration in my parents, a host of food loving friends (also known as willing taste testers), and access to some of the best food in the world on my doorstep. I love food, I love cooking. I think I'm good at it. I would like to write about it, because I would like to expand my repertoire and learn. And like this post, make some space in my head by getting rid of some thoughts :-) That will be enough.

So, the plan is to turn this into more of a project - I find a bit of focus helps me get on with things and it will push me to learn as well. What the project is, well I'm not sure yet but I shall make a decision soon. If it gets read and people like it, bonus.


  1. Very honest and beautifully written. Those who love you will follow you and the rest will eventually realise your talent for writing, it's a shame they can't realise your talent for food but technology is not so far advance yet that you can teleport food to your willing readers. As someone who has eaten your food many times, I REALLY wish you could.

  2. Ah thanks Ruthie! They should at least have smellevision (or smelleblog). I am still thinking about the project, but considering teaching myself all about pastry and desserts using my cookbooks - I have so many! But the diet would be out the window :-) Hope you are good, love love x